Keywords: Characterization; Inulinase; Production; Purification; Streptomyces. 1. Introduction. Inulin is a polyfructan in plant consisting of linear chains. Aspergillus niger exo-inulinase purification by three phase partitioning. Inulinase (2, 1-β-D-fructan fructanohydrolase, EC ) hydrolyses inulin into. 42(4), August , pp. Purification and characterization of Inulinase from marine bacterium,. Bacillus cereus MU S Meenakshi1, S Umayaparvathi .

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Effect of purkfication or partly soluble dietary fibres supplementation on absorption and balance of calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc in healthy young men. These authors concluded that inulin induces inulinase production, where as cultivation using starch, maltose and lactose as carbon source s restrains the production of this enzyme by optimizing inulinade conditions for maximum inulinase production, purification of streptomyces grisenius crude inulinase in cell free extracts was the aim of further research in order to increase its specific enzyme activity.

Effect of different substrate concentration on the purified inulinase produced by Streptomyces grisenus.

Production, Purification, Characterization and Applications of Fungal Inulinases | BenthamScience

The purified inulinase immobilized on DEAE cellulose with or without glulardehyde. Production of inulin fructotransferase depolymerizing by Artrobacter sp. Beta fructofuranosidases of Helianthus tuberosus L. Similar results were obtained YoKota et al. Purification of the extra cellular inulinase: The analysis of the deduced inulinase amino acid sequence revealed the presence of a putative gram-positive signal peptide and a cleavage site following amino acid 39 was predicted with the program designed by Nielsen et al.

The purification steps of extracellular inulinase from Streptomyces grisenus. Further purification by gel permeation sephadex G increased the specific activity to The purified inulinase enzyme was subjected to N-terminal sequence analysis.


Elution profile of the enzyme produced streptomyces grisenus after sephadex G filtration. Elution was carried out by 0. Optimisation of inulinase production by Kluyveromyces bulgaricus. Culture condition for inulinase production: The results in Table 6 and 7 revealed the effect of some physical conditions on purified enzyme produced by streptomyces grisenus viz. Highly active isolate of Streptomyces grisenus isolated from soil sample and identified according to Cause et al.

Microbial enzyme inulinase EC 3. The production broth medium was optimized for maximum inulinase production by addition of 0. Effect of incubation period on the inulinase activity of Streptomyces grisenus. Purification and Characterization of Exoinulinase Enzyme from Streptomyces grisenus. Effect of metal ions on the purified inulinase produced by Streptomyces grisenius.

Purification, properties and comparison of invertase, exoinulinase and endoinulinase of Aspergillus ficuum.

Inulin was the best carbon source for inulinase production, while starch, maltose and lactose were inadequate. Many inulin-containing plants and the applications of inulin in the food industry have been reported. Effect of carbon source on the inulinase activity of Streptomyces grisenus.

The gel permeation chromatography on Sephadex G column provided large additional increase in the purity of the enzyme according to Ettalibi and Baratti Expression, purification and characterization of an exo-B-D-Fructosidase of Streptomyces mutans.

Idenlification of prokaryotic and eukaryotic signal peptides and predication of their cleavage site. Increased bioavailability of minerals, lowering of serum lipids levels relevant for cardiovascular disease and stimulation immune response Coudray et al. Elsevier Applied Science, London, pp: Recent developments in microbial inulinases. However, to expand the utility of inulinases in various industries, an extensive investigation for novel microbial sources should be conducted and low cost substrates, and improved bioprocessing technology should be used.


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Blanks were run simultaneously with the enzyme and substrate solutions. The Biology of ActinomycetesMordarski, M. N-Terminal amino acid sequencing: Inulin can be considered as dietary fibre, a substitute for fat and low calorie sweetener Roberfroid, GNDuI produced high levels of extra cellular inlinase after 24 h at pH 7.

Factors affecting purified inulinase enzyme: The medium used for the production of inulinase contained 8 L -1 purifixation to Lim et al. Co-operative description of type culture of St. Problems of Classification of Actinomycetes Antagonists. How to cite this article: Methods for characterization of Purificatkon species.

Exocellular Inulinase of Bacillus subtilis Purification and characteristics of two exoinulinases from Chrysosporium pannorum J. The optimum growth and inulinase activity occurred in the presence of 0. Isolation and characlerization of bacterial strains with inulinase activity. Prebiotics exert their beneficial effects through direct and selective stimulation of healthy bacterial species in the colon flora, Ingestion of the prebiotic inulin leads to increased content of beneficial bacteria from genera Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus in the colon there by promoting gut health.

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Data in Table 9 revealed the effect of metal ions on the activity of purified inulinase in the enzyme mixture.