ILMI ISLAMIYAT LAZMI BA BSC BCOM Muhammad Khalil Related Books ILMI ISLAMIAT LAZMI FA FSC CCOM DCOM ICOM K LIEY (IK) Rating Star. This Urdu Book Edition is now available to read online or download. Islamiat Lazmi BA Bsc Urdu Book is a famous Book Urdu digest which. Posts about Islamiyat written by Sahibzada Syed Shahrukh Kamal Mukarram introduction to 6 most authentic books of Sunnis and names (with compiler’s.

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Shaykh Yasir Al Jabri. Shaykh Salem bin Saad al Taweed. Shaykh Abdullah Adh Dhufaree. Imam Abdul Ghani Al Maqdisi. Shaykh Muhammad Amaan al-Jaami. It means the part-I exam will be held in the first year of B. Shaykh Saleh al Talib. It’s got everything in chronological order and is detailed where it should be detailed. Register to receive beneficial posts First Name. Imam Fudayl Ibn Iyaad. Shaykh Umar Bin Muhammad Fallaatah. Shaykh Muhammad Abdul Wahab al Aqeel. Shaykh Mahir Al Muaiqely.


Shaykh Abdullah al Farsi. Shaykh Abdur Rahmaan Muhyud Deen. Shaykh Ali bin Abdur Rahman Hudaify. Imam Abu Bakr Ismaili.

University of Balochistan Ba/Bsc Islamiat Past Papers

Imam Ahmad Bin Shaheen H Shaykh Khalid Al Hibshi. Shaykh Abdullah bin Muhammad al Khanin. Shaykh Dr Wasiullah Abbas. Shaykh Khadam Hussein Elahi Buksh.

Okay Folks, I have always been curious about and fascinated by Pakistanis perceive religion. How to Apply for B. Imam Sufyan al Thawri. Shaykh Ahmad Bin Hajar.

One of them is with me at the moment and the other two are in Virginia. Shaykh Al Fudayl ibn Iyaad.

Shaykh Dr Abdur Raheem Azzawi. Ayah Of The Day 2 78 And among them are uneducated who know the Scripture only through hearsay, and they only speculate. Shaykh Abdur Razzaaq al-Abbaad.

B.Sc. Part I

Shaykh Rabee Bin Zakaria. Shaykh Saami al Arabee. Use the advanced search tool at the top to find anything specific you are looking for 4.


Shaykh Abdul Khaliq Ash Sharif. Shaykh Muhammed Al Munayee. Imam al Izz Bin Abdis-Salam.

Shaykh Adil ibn Tahir al Muqbil. Imam Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali. Shaykh Haafidh Ibn Ahmed al Hakami.

Shaykh Khalid al Jassim. Shaykh Imran Ahmed Salafi. Khalid ibn Ali Al Mushayqih Dr. Shaykh Abdul Hamid Al Hajoori. Shaykh Khuda Buksh Multanee.