ISO 8573-7 PDF

ISO , the most current version, can be utilized across all industries’ compressed air microbial monitoring plans. It contains both informative and. ISO testing for microbiological contaminants is easy with our manuals and videos. Learn more about micro testing on our site. compressed gasses are set out in a multi-part ISO standard: ISO .. ISO Test method for viable microbiological contaminant content.

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The safety rules are controlled by the company safety officer. To read similar articles on Compressed Air Standards please visit www.

The expiration date of the culture plates is over. Modern compressor systems, which are properly maintained, should have properly sized filtration and point-of-use filters to remove these contaminants.

It is the responsibility of Quality Control Personnel to update and revise this procedure as appropriate.

ISO 8573-7 Micro Testing

However, compressed air or process air is frequently overlooked. It is the responsibility of Quality Control Staff to ensure proper operation, maintenance and calibration of Air Sampler per this procedure.

This requires the use of a procedure that accurately measures and samples a specific volume of air for microbial burden analysis inside the tested compressed air system.

Her field ios includes analyzing extremophiles isolated from the depths of Lake Baikal in Russia to the 50km exclusion zone of Chernobyl.

Microbial Count Non-sterile applications — Guideline limits to be established based on product bioburden limits. Compressed air systems can harbor the nutrients required for microbes to grow; namely water, oil, and warm temperatures.


Most pharmaceutical, medical device, and food manufacturing environments have environmental air sampling programs in place. With new, advanced equipment and a team of microbiologists, our lab is equipped to handle all of your compressed air microbial testing needs.

When the preset sample time is completed, the culture plate is removed and incubated for a pre-determined amount of time, and the colony forming units are counted and recorded as CFUs per the volume of measured air.

Microbial – Compressed Air Testing – Trace Analytics

The additional use of settling plates is optional. Further, there is another nasty contaminant known as biofilm. Most pathogenic organisms can begin to be identified from this simple strain.

Iwo Academy Blog Webinars. See Table 2 for calculations of measurement times relative to air flow rate. Continual monitoring and quarterly or at minimum biannual testing is recommended. Samples from Class ISO 5 environments should normally yield no microbiological contaminants.

It contains both informative and normative procedures but lacks any tested compressed air microbial specifications regarding colony enumeration limits for microbial plate counts.

Values represent recommended levels of environmental quality. Most impact air samplers are made to use a sterile tube to sample the outlet isl into the inlet port of the unit for analysis. For more information about compressed air quality testing for iao manufacturing industry, contact us today.

Bacterial spores can be resistant to U. Maria Sandoval has over 15 years of experience in Microbiology and Molecular Biology.


Cleaning and disinfecting the area that the microbial air sampler sits upon should be routine and thorough. This article will focus on ISO normative test methods and analysis for viable microbiological contaminants and how it can be fundamentally utilized in compressed air microbial 85737 plans.

A regular Micro Testing program can provide insight to a potential problem long before it brings production to a halt.

Microbial Testing and Compressed Air Standard ISO | Compressed Air Best Practices

Additional information is noted on shape and morphology upon Gram staining. Some microbial air impact samplers, like the SAS Pinocchio Super II, are designed to diffuse the air flow from a regulated point of use outlet, and then measure the flow rate to achieve the recommended rate by the OEM. Benchmarking Good Manufacturing Practices. It is imperative when choosing the piece of equipment for testing that the technician and monitoring supervisor read the original equipment manufacturer OEM manual to establish what the limits and restrictions 8573–7 for that product.

Aseptic technique functions to prevent contamination of media and reagents by microorganisms. It should be noted however, that these samples, while informative, are a snap shot of the level of control in the facilities compressed air system.