IT – FUNDAMENTALS OF PERVASIVE COMPUTING computing – Pervasive computing and ubiquitous computing – Ambient computing – Pervasive. Subject Code & Name: ITFUNDAMENTALS OF PERVASIVE COMPUTNG Pervasive computing integrates computation into the environment, rather than . Subject Code & Name: ITFUNDAMENTALS OF PERVASIVE COMPUTNG Year / Sem: IV / VIII List and explain the applications of pervasive computing.

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Why we go for Mesh topology? Explain in detail about the relationship between pervasive and mobile computing 8. What is a mobile agent? Data gathering sensor networks: Write down the advantages of the Mobile Agent Paradigm It may have other sensors that can use electricity pervaeive power. Messages are transmitted based on requests and responses.

Any node that receivers a route request gives a list of addresses representing a possible path on its way toward the destination. Classify the routing protocols in sensor networks. Data transfer can happen in three different ways: What is sentient computing? What are the requirements for the development of mobile IP standard?


Explain the concept of frequency assignment techniques in cell system. Discuss about Pervasive Vs Ubiquitous Computing. The reverse operation, taking a packet out of the data part of another packet, is called decapsulation. Home You are here: What are the two main classes of sensors networks and data gathering sensor networks? What are the three different types of browsers available for mobile devices?

What are the networking characteristics? Define the following Applet, Servlet, and I1t452 Agents. What are the advantages and disadvantages of optical communication? If a node needs to discover a route, it broadcast a route request with a unique identifier and the destination address as parameters. Tag collision occurs when many tags are present in a small area; but since the read time is very fast, it is easier for vendors to develop systems that ensure that tags respond one at a time.

Draw the architecture of WAP.

Sensor Network is an embedded system having the following properties Self-Configuration: List the 5w of context.

What is Ubiquitous computing? Explain the requirements of computational infrastructures. What is the framework for Data Dissemination and Management? List and explain applications of mobile agents. It allows the encapsulation of packets of one protocol suite into the payload portion of a packet of another protocol suite.


IT Fundamentals of Pervasive Computing Question Bank : –

Leave a Reply Cancel reply How to add comment: What are sensor network? Explain about sensor network architecture.

What are the two main classes based on applications. Why we need wireless communication channel? Explain the applications of wireless sensor networks. What is Wireless LAN?


Write down the advantages of the Mobile Agent paradigm. What are the Design and implementation problems in pervasive comp? What are the features of mobile computing? What are Data gathering sensor networks? Moves from machine to machine under its own control. Fundamentalw are the features of distributed computing? What are the elements of sensor networks? Draw the protocol stack of sensor network What are the other terms of pervasive computing?

Chat about in detail about Mobile agent systems.