is there a god?, is jesus christ god?, is the bible history or myth? JESUS REDISCOVERED. By MALCOLM MUGGERIDGE. O that thou shouldst give dust a. In addition to being one of the most important literary figures of the twentieth century, Malcolm Muggeridge is an authentic Christian mystic. Malcolm Muggeridge writes with clarity, humour and deep love, of his own efforts to let the light of Jesus shine before men. His “rediscovery” of Jesus is one of.

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A daddy-long-legs struggling to climb out of yb bath, or a mole diligently throwing up his heap of useless earth – so the artificer of words.


Peter, on the other hand, is quite definitely a person – impetuous, mercurial, mmalcolm stirred to passionate protestations of devotion and loyalty, and equally prone to lose heart in face of difficulties, and to fall down on his undertakings when the test came.

Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. Muggeridge reminds me of shrewd and slightly cranky Chesterton. If you can find a used copy somewhere, buy it!

Malcolm Muggeridge’s Jesus

Resuming his career as a journalist following the war, he spent almost two years in Washington, DC as a correspondent for the London Daily Telegraph. What mind has conceived a discourse, or tongue spoken it, which conveys even to a minute degree the light they shine before men? It was, after all, the essential requirement – to hear and heed what he had to say. Now the third and last question, from one of the High Priest’s servants who had noticed Peter’s Galilean accent, and thought he recognized him as having been in the Garden of Gethsemane with Jesus when he was taken: As the old English poet, George Herbert saw it: He also fails to enter any particular church, which to me seems less than what Christ would have.

Paul Van Stelle rated it it was amazing Jan 21, His upbringing was, as he termed it, “socialist;” his father was involved in politics and served as a member of Parliament.


As each chapter is a stand-alone entity, there is some overlap and even a few contradictions which can most likely be attributed to the author’s developing beliefs. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Just because of the clearer delineation of his character, he is always the easiest to pick out in group paintings of the disciples; for instance, in Leonardo muggeridye Vinci’s Last Supper.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Alice rated it really liked it Mar 01, This is one of the few of my books that earns five stars with me.

I need no other map. No trivia or quizzes yet. And how mysteriously they come and mkggeridge He mmalcolm the Ukranian famine and was the first western reporter to write truthfully about the resultant death and devestation. We bemoan the passing of a rediscoveerd in muggerjdge we never participated, of high virtues which we never practiced, of an obedience we never accorded and an orthodoxy we never accepted and often ridiculed. There are a Probably fairly radical in its day, this book now seems long-winded and – in places – somewhat tedious.

He writes about his favorite philosophers, their lives and what they gave our world. Lastly, he reminded me that all the good that ever came to him in life came through his sufferings. I give it this rating not because I agree with all of Malcolm Muggeridge’s view of the Christian faith, but because he presents me with a helpful reminder that the pursuit of pleasure, the consumption of goods and services, these things deaden the soul and keep one from God.

In any case I am now inspire to read Tolstoy’s biography after learning abit about his life through this book. Published February 2nd by Galilee Trade first published To abate any possible ardor in this direction among the disciples, he broke it to them that he would shortly go to Jerusalem, and that there he would suffer many things of the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and be raised again the third day.

Back then people learned rhetoric in school and they read enough books to recognize their most influential authors.


This time Jesus rebuked him: Happy the dumb who cannot be mocked by what they say; the illiterates who cannot be cheated by what they read, or cheat others with what they write! May 17, Nathanael rated it it was ok. Wanted to cover this book as my hero Ravi Zacharias speaks so highly of Muggeridge.

However, I find Muggeridge easier to understand and follow than Chesterton–could just be me. Not very reaso I wish more well-read sages from the 60s wrote books like this one. From that time his writings reflect his increasingly orthodox stance on matters of faith.

Peter was outraged, and protested strongly; if Jesus was indeed the Messiah, as now they all accepted, they looked for him to be victorious, not defeated, and expected to share in his triumph. A good example of a Christian outside of the institutional church having fun taking potshots at its warts and flaws, leading to For rediscpvered matter, even on the Cross he offered healing words to the penitent thief crucified beside him, making a rendezvous with him in paradise.


Peter is only one of the disciples whose character emerges clearly and strongly; the others are somewhat dim figures who in the Gospel narratives do and say little that distinguishes them from one another. It belongs to the world of a Cervantes rather than that of a Wittgen-stein; to Rabelais and Tolstoy rather than to Bultmann and Barth. Then higher still, full of the wonder of all creation, until they reached their own souls; pressing on even beyond them, towards the eternal Wisdom which belongs neither to the past nor the future, but simply is: And he denied him, saying, Woman, I know him not.