Joumana Haddad. Joumana Haddad (, Beirut) is a poet, translator and journalist. She is head of the cultural pages in prestigious An Nahar newspaper, . Joumana Haddad is a ferocious critic of sexism in Lebanon, and her erotic magazine has brought death threats. A new book is her fiercest. Joumana Haddad – foto Giorgio Pace. (Lebanon, ) is a poet, journalist, translator, editor and consultant. In her work she focuses on eroticism and the.

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And this is perhaps the cruellest blow. Behind the juomana and defiance lurks a sense of what her unconventional path might have cost. Actually, one of the main reasons behind my candidature is to bring the messages that I defend and the convictions that I have into the political arena.

Because I frankly don’t feel that many women are doing enough to change their state. That was how she ahddad that suicide ran in the family: On stage it is the belly of literature speaking. Why, he asked sorrowfully, can’t you use the word “column”?

This is why public schooling was on top of her agenda when she was running for the elections.

Joumana Haddad: ‘I live in a country that hates me’ | From the Guardian | The Guardian

In that sense, books have been her number one ally. Views Read Edit View history. They put me in a cage so that my freedom may be a gift The inclusion of young motivated people in our political life would help bring this country forward.

We rid ourselves of one so-called abomination with one hand, then joumanna intellectual debauchery, which is much worse, with the other.

Haddad speaks seven languages and has translated various works of prose and poetry into and from Arabic. I grew up in a country that hates me, and that expresses this hatred in so many ugly ways” can’t take their eyes off her.


Haddad launched a new program in November on Alhurra highlighting the topics of free expression and critical thinking. Petra Stienen hosts a discussion on writing about sex, the joimana reactions of some men and their ‘je m’en fou’ attitude vis-a-vis conservative readers.

Joumana Haddad | Who is she in Lebanon

You call yourself a humanist, is this so you can avoid the “feminist” tag? Hussein Jelaad Islam Samhan. It contains serious reportage about polygamy, virginity and forced marriage, but also erotic stories and personal testimony, all of which must be published under haddax author’s real name.

Haddad insists that a person really has to love Lebanon in order to resist the urge of leaving or simply becoming indifferent. Hosted by the poet Tsead Bruinja. I do believe that the last twenty years I had spent fighting for the causes I believe in, despite all the obstacles that I have had to face, all the attacks that I have had to absorb, are a clear indication that I am a woman of actions and not a woman of words; that when I believe in something and plan a project, I deliver.

Haddad eventually got used to everything — the severed limb of a neighbour lying on the pavement, the men tied to cars and dragged through the streets, the gunfire and bomb shelters — everything except the whistle of approaching shells.

Inshe co-wrote and acted in a movie by Lebanese filmmaker Jocelyne Saab “What’s going on? Winternachten — Winternacht 2 Poetry and Politics A Lebanese and a Turkish writer, who, apart from being a poet and a writer, happen to be concerned columnists. Winning starts right there, in your head. And because of this it wants everyone to be in crisis with jlumana … The Arab mind cannot handle questions, because questions can hurt and upset the murky calm of the swamp.


She is a working mother of two Mounir and Onsispeaks seven languages and has received numerous awards. When she first started publishing there were suggestions that it was actually a man writing the poems — “it amazes you?

Haddad has always been criticized for her controversial writing, and loud-spoken opinions on sexism, racism, confessionalism and discrimination in Lebanon. I also gradually liberated myself from the judgment of others in order to be able to express and live and achieve without being intimidated.

Hoe ik Sheherazade heb vermoord, bekentenissen van een boze Arabische vrouw How I killed Scheherazade, confessions of an angry Arab woman in attracted a great deal of international attention. A conversation about their work, their political stand and literary commitment. By Nadine Mazloum Contributor. Hadcad about Joumana Haddad.

Joumana Haddad: ‘I live in a country that hates me’

I also call myself a humanist because I really admire the philosophy behind the term. And the civil society has so much to offer. Confessions of An Angry Arab Woman, began as a furious response to a passing comment by a Swedish journalist interviewing her about Jasad “Most of us in the west,” said that hapless lady, “are not familiar with the possibility of liberated Arab women like you existing” and expanded into a vivid assertion of individuality, free speech, free choice and dignity against religious bigotry, prejudice and the herd instinct both within and outside the Arab world, and within and outside Islam; Haddad herself comes from a Catholic family, and she criticises Christians as well as Muslims.