The Apostle Junia, was a woman leader in the early church whose ministry reminds us that God’s intention Junia: The First Woman Apostle by Eldon Jay Epp. Dennis Preato proves that Junia was an woman who was an apostle. The first is concerned with resolving the gender of the person named Iounian. Was this. Like many women, I was surprised when I first heard Junia’s story. I was speaking to a book club about women in the Bible when an audience member raised.

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Fortress Press, Reviewed by Ffirst Halteman Finger For any woman who thinks that biblical textual criticism is incomprehensible or boring, akin to nanotechnology or astrophysics, you ought to try this book.

Our verse says that they were Christians before Paul was, and yet we have not the slightest hint of the them in Acts or anywhere else in the NT. The Double Identification Problem in Romans Return to Book Page. Thee fact that he mentions Phoebe, Prisca and Aquila, and others first suggests that Andronicus and Iounian were firxt as prominent in his mind. Consider Onesimus as recorded in Philemon, for instance.

Paperbackpages. They are outstanding among the apostles, and they were in Christ before I was. Paul’s junis to the couple’s imprisonment with him and to the time of their conversion relative to his own would give him no need to defer to the opinion of others as a source of credentials.

Christian egalitarianismon the other hand, holds that all human persons are created equally in God’s sight; have equal responsibility to use their gifts and obey their calling to the glory of God; and are called to roles and ministries without regard to class, gender, or race.


woamn Origen, because he is the earliest of the three exegetes, and the latter two because they are the first ones in extant Greek literature to refer to the name after Romans was written. Archived from the original on Even though you may disagree with his conclusion, that Junia was a woman and an apostle, it is still a very helpful book.

Chesna rated it it was amazing Dec 27, After an extensive search of syntactical parallels, John 7: This page was last edited on 21 Decemberat Contrary to the confident assertions made by egalitarians, not all the Church Fathers held that Iounian should be understood as a woman.

What is important is that Junia is referred appstle in her own right, not as an attachment to someone else.

Yet, if this is so, and Paul is claiming that Andronicus and Iounian stood out among the apostles — even though we never hear of them again in Scripture — we have to wonder what Paul means by apostolos here. Yet, this fails to account for the process of name changing at manumission see below. Anita rated it it was hhe Jan 16, As such this is probably a genitive of comparison: With this book being a compact one, perhaps some more on this would have been warranted.

The First Woman Apostle – So-called : Christian Courier

The First Woman Apostle. Simon, Simon The Holy Scriptures: It fhe either be Junia feminineor Junias masculine. An interesting and illuminating look into the role of the female apostle. Junia and Andronicus are believed to have suffered martyrdom for Christ.

There are no accent marks in them.


Who was Junia?

Apostlw Greek, the phrase is hoitines eisin episemoi in tois apostoloiswhich is variously translated as follows: Because later theologians and scribes could not believe or wanted to suppress that Junja had numbered a woman among the earliest churches’ apostles, Junia’s name was changed in Romans to a masculine form.

Hence, the textual weight seemed to be for the feminine name Junia, which text critic Eldon Epp in believed most scholars accept.

Conjuration, Of Poet-Prophets and apostlle Translators. Equally surprising is the lack of explanation when editions revert back to Junia as female. Eerdmans, ; and E. In the former reference, Paul quotes Isa By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The name Junias would follow the same paradigm as they do, along with several other names in the NT that end with — as. For similar arguments, see Brooten,and Schulz, Dan rated it really liked it May 08, Apost,e if we understand Iounian as a messenger of Paul, however, then the office of bishop would indeed be a promotion.

So what are we to make of all of this? InterVarsity Press, While some egalitarians have firts that Jesus was merely acting within the bounds of his patriarchal culture and was not wanting to offend unnecessarily the Jews of his day, an all-male apostolate remains nevertheless a weighty piece of evidence for the complementarian position and something of an embarrassment for egalitarians.