[PDF] [EPUB] Sony Ericsson Ki Manual[FREE]. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Sony Ericsson. Ki. Capture and share quality moments. For additional phone content, go to To switch networks manually .. If you enter settings manually, you can. sony ericsson ki manual. Fri, 07 Dec GMT sony ericsson ki manual pdf – View and. Download Sony Ericsson. Ki user manual online.

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Congratulations on your purchase of the Sony Ericsson Ki. Capture and share quality moments. For additional phone content, go to www. Register now to get a suite of tools, free online storage, special offers, news and competitions at www. For product support, go to www. Under no circumstances This is the Internet version of the User’s guide. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved. All illustrations are for illustration only and may not accurately depict the actual cell phone.

This is the Internet version of the User’s guide. Instruction Symbols These symbols appear in the User guide. To insert the SIM card Remove the battery cover. Slide the SIM card into its holder with the golden contacts facing down.

SIM card on page Your PIN is supplied by your network operator. Remove the charger by tilting the plug upwards. You can use your cell phone while it is charging. You can charge the battery at any time and for more or less than 2.

You can interrupt the charging without damaging the battery. Navigation The main menus are shown as icons. Some submenus include tabs.

Sony Ericsson KI User Manual Book Help Guide Booklet English | eBay

To navigate 8k50i phone menus From standby select Menu. Use the navigation i850i to move through the menus. It can also be used as a portable memory card with other compatible devices. New events — missed calls and new messages. On memory card Select Options. Handling files You can move and copy files between your cell phone, a computer and a memory card. Files are saved on the memory card first and then in the phone memory.

Unrecognized files are saved in the Find the file and press Phone Language You can select a language to use in your cell phone. When the call connects, your cell phone gives a loud signal.

Press and hold down to resume. Do not hold your cell mznual to your ear when using the loudspeaker. This could damage your hearing. Video call See a person on the screen during calls. Scroll to a contact and press To call with Smart search From standby press to enter a contact name or a phone number. To view memory status Copy from SIM. Myself You can enter information about yourself and, for example, send your business card. Scroll to an option and janual the information.


To add your own business card From standby select Manuual Scroll to To add a call list number to contacts From standby press a tab. Scroll k85i the number and select Save. Select New contact to create a new contact or select an existing contact to add the number to. To clear the call list From standby press Scroll to the tab and select Your handsfree must be connected to your cell phone when using the magic word. You should choose a long, unusual word or phrase that can easily be distinguished from ordinary background speech.

Enter the number to forward calls to and select OK. More than One Call You can handle more than one manuzl at a time. For example, you can put an ongoing call on hold, while you make or answer a second call.


You can also switch between the two calls. You cannot answer a third call without ending one of the first two calls. To add a new participant During the call, select This puts the joined calls on hold. Repeat this task to add more participants. Messaging Receiving and saving messages You are notified when you receive a message. Messages are automatically saved in the phone memory. When the phone memory is full, you can delete messages or save them on a memory card or on the SIM card.

You can send picture messages to a cell phone or an email address. Before you use picture messaging You must set an Internet profile and the address of your message server. Receiving picture messages You can select how to download your picture messages.

Standard options when you download picture messages are: Select a recipient and select Send. Before you use email and select You can use the setup wizard to check if settings are available for your email account or you can enter them manually. Scroll to New account If you enter settings manually, you can contact your email provider for more information.

An email provider could be the manuzl that supplied your email address. Push email You can receive notification in your cell phone from your email server that you have new email messages. Imaging Camera and Video Mznual You can take pictures and record video clips to amnual, save or send. Imaging This is the Internet version of the User’s guide.


The picture is automatically saved on the memory card. Do not look directly at the camera Xe flash in the cell phone using mmanual magnification device. Failure to comply with this warning may damage your eyes. Do not record with a strong light source in the background.

Icons on the screen inform what the current setting is.

More camera settings are available in Settings. Use Photo mate to learn about camera functions.

Photo mate is an interactive tutorial, included in your cell phone. Icon Description Shoot mode Scenes.

These are included on the Mznual that comes with your cell phone and are available for download at www. Connect the USB cable to the printer. Wait for feedback in the cell phone and select OK. Enter printer settings, if required and select Print. You should disconnect and re-connect Options the USB cable if there is a printer error.

Scroll to a month and a picture.

Sony Ericsson K850i Cell Phone User Manual

Photo tags You can tag pictures to categorize them. To tag pictures From standby select Media Themes You can change the appearance of the screen through items such as colors and wallpaper. You can also create new themes and download them. For more information, go to www. Transferring Music from a Computer With Sony Ericsson Media Manager, included on the CD with your cell phone, you k850o transfer music from CDs, your computer or that you have purchased to the phone memory or a memory card.

Turn on your computer and insert the CD. The CD starts automatically and the installation window opens. Select a language and click OK. You can view video clips and listen to music by streaming them to your cell phone from the Internet. If settings are not already in your cell phone, see Settings on manyal For more and scroll information, contact your network operator or go to www.

Radio Do not use your cell phone as a radio in places where this is prohibited. To listen to the radio Connect the handsfree to the cell phone. Your cell phone bill or prepay card is debited when a purchase is accepted. To download a music file When you have listened to a music file preview, you can agree to accept the conditions.

Make sure the receiving device supports the transfer method you select. You are not allowed to exchange some copyright-protected material.