LEGO set database: Test Car. Set number: ; Name: Test Car; Also known as: Test Car; Set type: Normal; Theme group: Technical; Theme. Find great deals for Lego Technic Test Car Classic Vintage RARE Set. Shop with confidence on eBay!. View LEGO instructions for Car set number to help you build these LEGO sets.

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After seeing Lego’s modern version from 3 sets ofI liked it alot, but I have no nostalgia otherwise for thewhile I do for the This was the first Lego “supercar” I build when I was about 8 years old. Alot of people find it ugly, but I can never hate on this model. So it felt perfect for my “tribute” to 40 years of Technic. I tried to copy as much functions from the original, I decided not to add any new functions that the original didn’t have wether I had room for that in the first place is another thing.

Test Car | Brickset: LEGO set guide and database

I could have probably made a rear diff work, but it would mean I’d have to sacrifice the rear independent suspension and build a live axle. I decided the value of having independent suspension at the rear was of greater importance as a tribute to this model pego a diff.

LDD available for download here. Thanks LvdH and Didumos69 for the help on the LDD and the 9L liftarm in front of the model is for dash, supposed to be placed behind the steering wheel. If you wonder why I didn’t use the part of pinhoel with 2 axle ends on the driveshaft towards the gearbox. That was my intention, but I don’t own the part yet and after mounting the gearbox on top I couldn’t detect any play in that part anymore, so instead of breaking down the model to get that new part in there I decided to leave it as this.

I tried to copy leyo many details of the engine as possible. A custom V4 engine worked best instead of the standard Lego engine parts, because I could mount the exhausts better and have the transparent red in the centre of the engine 4L lightsaber where the original had 1×2 transparent red bricks. For the centre 8685 I tried to mimic the original as well. I used a 3L blue liftarm as gearstick because his big brother has it too, same goes for the antenna being red for the headlights.

The reason why that isn’t simply an axle with a red bush is because from the front leyo that is visible above the dash and I don’t like that. Also, when the headlights are up a bush in that position makes it harder to steer. While I can perfectly fit the mechanism on the passengers side, that felt out of place, so this looked best to me.

Folding headlight, simple but effective. Adjustable seat’s maximum laid back position to keep a seat in legk adjusted position I decided to use rubber 2L liftarms below the seats behind the LBG bush. A little turn of that LBG bush and the seat won’t move. 88865 brings me to a problem of this tribute: I originally wanted to use However, I leog make a 10 stud wide front suspension that felt strong enough to mount the rest of the car to. While I managed a rear suspension in 10 studs, it looked very flimsy So I decided to slightly scale up my model with the use of these 37mm tires.


The end result was a scale of 1: However where the To compensate for this I decided 8865 make the suspension smaller in width, so ,ego the total width with tires included would be in scale edit: That resulted in this 11 stud wide suspension, which was alot better to work with for mounting a body to it.

Also the rear got some much needed inforcement to remove the flimsy look of the lefo stud wide suspension. So with having a scale that basically meant 2: The engine is 1 stud too high in scale, but this Lwgo could not combine lower with the suspension. I am glad it it’s still just barely under the “rear window”. That’s a very clever, clean build.

I love the integration of all the original functions in this smaller legk, especially the folding headlights. I think I prefer the control being on the dashboard to the original model, it feels more intuitive. Funny thing for the headlights control is that I had the full intention to build it like the original, however I couldn’t route an axle through the front suspension steering took alot of available spacenor have a lever for it between the gearbox and the seats.

Then this method happened when I mounted the dash and front bumper. The limitations u noted r completely understandable given the limitations of Leog element possibilities. How did you do the steering with the 6L steering links?

Creating a small moc of this size and number of functions is a challenge already. Making it scaled version of existing set is just incredible!

Proportions are just on spot – you can clearly see smaller model is like a younger brother to larger one. Leho is immediately recognizable as an updatedeven without reading any text.

The 6L links basically share a 3L axle at the front. I tried quite a few suspension setups with these blue wishbones which I felt I needed to use for this tribute and this setup resulted in almost no visible bumpsteer.

Hope it helps you out. I think I will have a go building one like yours as well. After aquiring the neccessary pieces. This is too cute for words, even if it didn’t have all the functionality you managed to squeeze into it. The fact that you’ve almost totally replicated the functions of the original on such a small scale is brilliant. Looking at the comments, I’ll probably make my own LDD within the next couple of days, so people can build leo if they would like to.

Too bad the suspension are non-official part usage.

But I understand there are very little options there. The similarity with the original is very well done. True, but it is pretty close given that the box for showed springs being used the same way even though the actual model was different than the pictures. This mini is sweet.


I have the original big brother. I was just wondering if you used any of those notorious black pins I’m who almost have big sizes in lego, because they make pieces more important than unique solutions and hard-thinking about the project, I have only a word: I love how you fit even a gearbox in there!

I have only a question, how shock absorbing 865 with the real drivertrain? Because the rear suspension is quite weird in how it works.

Lego 8865 Technic Test Car Classic Vintage RARE Set

Because he only has 1 CV joint on each rear wheel normally there would be 2 for double wishbone suspension and one to connect the rear wheels to the gearbox. I think the differential 8856 or what goes for a diff – is floating. Otherwise why would there be a lengthwise CV-joint running to the ‘diff’ which is of course not a diff?

You lwgo to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? Little88865 tribute to 40 years of Technic.

Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3. Posted March 15, edited. LDD available for download here Thanks LvdH and Didumos69 for the help on the LDD and the 9L liftarm in front of the model is for dash, supposed to be placed behind the steering wheel A couple of more images: Folding headlight, simple but effective Adjustable seat’s maximum laid back position to keep a seat lgo its adjusted position I decided to use rubber 2L liftarms below the seats behind the LBG bush. Of course I made pictures with its big brother: Thanks for your time looking at my little model.

Edited March 19, by Appie typos and couldn’t preview topic before posting? Edit 2 Additional info and added LDD to opening post. Share this post Link to post Leo on other sites.

Posted March 15, Thank you very much guys. Count me in as a huge fan of this build. Kudos on making the lights work, brilliant. Very nice little tribute. I love how you got all the original features in. Have you any pictures of legi Appie you’ve got some insane talent for lefo small. Thank you very much guys! I have this image from when it was just a chassis Brilliant little bugger, your small builds get better and better.


Thanks guys for the compliments. LvdH Looking at the comments, I’ll probably make my own LDD within the next couple of days, so people can build it if they would like to. Lovely, instantly recognizable and I always liked the original set as well, so great choice. Posted March 16, Excellent tribute, I think this is what Lego should have done. Posted March 16, edited. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

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