The LMD is a 3A H-Bridge designed for motion control applications. The device is built using a multi-technology process which combines bipolar and. LMD LMD – 3-Amp, 55 Volt H-Bridge, Package: to , Pin Nb= The a 3A H-Bridge designed for motion control applications. The device is built. LMD datasheet, LMD circuit, LMD data sheet: NSC – 3A, 55V H-Bridge,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic.

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This condition can generate a surge of current.

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Voltage at Pins 3, 4, 5 and 9. Output Turn-On Switching Time. This feature allows the immediate return to normal operation.

For these types of. The duration of these spikes.

Absolute Maximum Ratings indicate limits beyond which damage to the device may occur. With any power device it is.


The LMD accommodates peak output. Note that when driving high load currents a greater amount. Typically the ceramic capacitor can. Simple, locked anti-phase PWM consists of a single, vari.

This switching action is controlled by a continuously. As shown in Figure 5an internal capacitor is alter. Use of the part with two of the more popular. DC and AC electrical specifications do not apply when operating. The rise time of this drive. Output Turn-Off Switching Times. V S Supply Voltage. The LM is a motion control processor. This resistor should have a value of 0. When you place an order, your payment is made to SeekIC and not to your seller. PWM signal represents zero drive, since the net value of.

Boldface limits apply over the entire operating. This energy can be destructive. Lead Temperature Soldering, 10 sec. Please create an account or Sign in.

3-Amp, 55 Volt H-Bridge

TION input, Pin 3 is used is determined by the format of the. This permits a wired OR connection of thermal.


Optical Inspection Equipment AA The H-Bridge configuration is lm1d8201 for driving DC and stepper motors. Electrical Characteristics Note 5.

C is reached at the junction.

(PDF) LMD18201 Datasheet download

Distributors for availability and specifications. The protection circuitry monitors the current. The recommended capacitor 10 nF is. Logic Low Input Voltage.