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Bronisław Baczko (1924–2016)

Far we are of supposing imagniarios the only result of the Argentinean public school was the imposition of this hegemonic story. The public school was also a wonderful agent of the modernization process due to the quick literacy reached by the popular classes and to the social mobility that it has generated. Even more, a lmaginarios portion of the success of the mhytological foundation of the nationality among these sectors lays on the high prestige that the school has acquired among them.

Lugones and Rojas are the main intellectual figures of the Argentinean nationalism at the 20s. The idea of a creole style, which merges different tactical elements with individual original practices, is related to the foundation of certain mythical places like the potreroand of popular figures like the pibe Archetti, But certain evidence points out that this imaginary construction worked widely among the new urban society: In a larvate way, the alternative images to the discourses of the leading classes circulated through the media, even in a contradictory way: We used the categories proposed by Ortiz, The peronist government intervened practically on the whole media system, by changing the ownership of radio-electric media and some graphic media towards the State.


The peronism also established a state-private coexistent regimentation in some graphic media where it had men of straw. To go further see Mastrini, G. Are we here in front of the operation which Renan mentioned regarding to the rol of forgetfulness on the formation of socialess processes?

The shared amnesia, for this author, is indispensable for the formation of a collective imaginary of nation Gellner, The State policies of the period must be enrolled on the main frame of the State intervention on welfare which was aimed to operate in several dimensions: In one hand, on the base of the merger of two organisms, the CADCOA was created to being in charge both of the promotion of national sport activities and the agency of the awarding of subsidies for those who contested representing the country.

The soccer case is peculiar because in this period the number of direct spectators has considerably raised: If we take annual values,with During the decade, Argentina lived an era that it can be considered as a “sport party”: On the international side, it can be pointed out: This is an essential difference observed by Vittorio Dini between the mythological heroes and the socials sport ones: During the military dictatorship, Diego Maradona played in two World Championships: The first one was watched in Argentina crossed by a black ribbon on the screen which covered up the government opposite banners.

The second one, beyond doubt with a very poor perfomance of the national team, happened in a context of acute political crisis: Rewarded with the “Inspirer Master of Dreams” award by a group of students from the University of Oxford, Diego Maradona admitted there, though elliptically, baczjo famous “Hand of God”.


To go further see Alabarces, P. In fact, while Bernardo Neustadt, a very conservative journalist, qualified the image frozen by the television as an extemporaneous one and said of him that he “nourishes of negative energy”, in occasion of the Federal March of Julythe manifestings sang a little song which said: The media agenda displaced the Maradona’s affaire so as to center on this issue because it’s a more important event, which confirms not only the hazardousness of the debate’s context but also, by the way although it sounds obvious, the communitarian ability to set the lks of social subjects.


Baczko describes two functions of the collective memory: The word comes ssociales the name of a theatre play which is played at this baczoo in Buenos Aires, where the soccer is presented as a psychological pathology, that affects every inhabitant.

The main character is a traditional member of the urban middle classes. The piece has an important repercussion of critic and audience. Quoted Bibliography Alabarces, P. CulturaAtuel, Buenos Aires. Hosts and ChampionsArena, Aldershot.

Los Imaginarios Sociales : Bronislaw Baczko :

Las industrias culturales en la Argentina. El tiempo de las tribusBarcelona, Icaria. Los hombres ilustres del Billiken.